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Founder's Spotlight



Tracy A. Gibson

Chief Executive Director 

BA in Communications Radio/TV from Wayne State University.

MA in Public Relations/Organizational Communications from Wayne State University.


Tracy A. Gibson has over two decades of professional communication involvement. Print, television, and radio media are areas that originally cultivated her communication journey. She has obtained extensive communication research experience including past IRB (Institutional Review Board) research projects upholding ethical research standards. Tracy has conducted presentations including Wayne State's National Research Day engagement and case studies. Advocate Volunteer including hospital public relations, civic community engagements, as well as applying her journalism skills for Wayne State's General Motors EcoCar2 program geared towards spreading awareness to the public of hybrid vehicle importance. 


As a Detroit native, Tracy is a devoted wife, mother, and daughter. As a child from an urban neighborhood, she represents a positive product and has maintained a love for her hometown. Tracy has also engaged in a Service Learning Project involving her hometown titled "The Past, Present, and Future Relationships between Detroit and 'The Big Three'." From a young age, she always knew the humanitarian importance of being a part of something larger than herself. Tracy often ended up being more than just a member of various organizations throughout her life, but often obtaining a leading role in one form or another. As past Committee Chair of her fraternal organization, she knows the importance of putting in work for a positive outcome. To keep her grounded she has always maintained the mantra “Be the change that you wish to see in the world”-Mahatma Gandhi.


Board of Directors













Daitreyle Brack









Adrienne Mosley













LaQuanda Brabson

Adrienne Mosley’s passion for helping others has spanned years. As a loving wife and mother of three she remains committed to climbing up her career path within the Mary Kay Cosmetics industry. Her compassion for others includes having worked as an International UAW Employee Assistance Professional (EAP) for over 12 years as well as serving on the Planning Committee Board for the National Council of Alcoholism and Drug Dependence Greater Detroit Area Chapter. Adrienne has obtained several training certificates in the area of EAP, Substance Abuse and Drug Counseling, Empathy and Listening Skills, and Critical Incident. She also served as a Nurse at Victorious Living Outreach Ministries.

Daitreyle Brack devoted wife and mother. Addressing public needs through customer service has been an employment skillset Daitreyle has acquired through various avenues. “My belief is that when a woman finds herself in situations that are beyond her control that there should be away of escape." According to Daitreyle the Lord has blessed us all with a new day filled with mercy and grace, and here at Beauty for Ashes is where she feels that she can be a part of a ray of hope for those in need.

LaQuanda Brabson was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, she now resides in Knoxville, TN. She is a wife, mother of four, and has one beautiful granddaughter. LaQuanda has endured her share of ashes that God turned to beauty. Finally putting closure to a 20-year abusive marriage. LaQuanda endured physical, mental, verbal and emotional abuse. However, she kept standing on the promises of God. LOVE does not hurt!  LaQuanda is currently married to a wonderful man, who epitomizes Proverbs 18:22.... “He who finds a wife finds a good thing, And obtain favor from the Lord.” She is a minister to the youth group in her church.  LaQuanda’s ministry focuses on young girls, the importance of self-love and identifying the signs of abuse. She is also a cosmetologist with 20 years of experience and has held certification as a clinical medical assistant for 19 years. LaQuanda is currently pursuing a career in nursing. She seeks to use her life’s lessons, love for God and over 39 combined years of servicing people to become a tool that will help those in need through BEAUTY FOR ASHES!

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